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Surrender Your Weekend Unto The Final Episodes of NERDTERNS, Season 2

The hour of reckoning is upon us, dear readers. You’ve plowed through House of Cards, crammed True Detective into your brain, and now you’ll finally be able to binge on the glorious second half of Nerdterns, Season 2. Haven’t seen the first half of the season? What’s wrong with you?! Go ahead and catch up — we’ll wait. Who will live? Who will die? Will Chris Hardwick and Paul F. Tompkins come to blows? Find out the answers to all of this and more in Nerdterns, Season 2.

7) Paranerdtern Activity

8) Enter the Dorkist

9) Nerd Hard

10) Nerd Hard 2 – Nerd Harder

BONUS: Bloopers

What do you think of the thrilling finale? What was your favorite moment from this season? Let us know in the comments below!