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Superego Takes on FAMILY FEUD

Your Tuesday needs more laughter, and we’re ready to help you start the day right with a new episode of Superego. Yes, the popular podcast focusing on self obsession is still getting down, dirty, and animated. This week’s episode takes on Family Feud with the Lynwood and Weaver families and asks for the most popular answers to the question, “What are reasons people would forget a birthday?”

The replies are much more amusing than the ones from the game show it parodies have ever been. Then again, Family Feud has been on the air since 1976, so maybe I’m missing something. I’ve never caught the fever. However, seeing answers like “brain damage” on the board could be enough to get me hooked. Clearly, the folks from Superego just needs to take over the hosting responsibilities.

This episode stars the voice talents of Patton Oswalt, Matt Gourley, Jeremy Carter, James Bladon, Mark McConville, and Chris Tallman.


  1. Josh says:

    So funny!!