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Super Mario Bros. iPad Cases!

Out of all the games in the world, my heart really belongs to the old Nintendo ones from the late ’80s and early ’90s. I grew up on Super Mario Bros, Zelda, and Spy vs. Spy. The last “new” game I beat was the original Gears of War. However, I played it on “casual,” so my man says it didn’t count. (That’s not true, right?) But I digress…

I was looking on Etsy to find a case for my Ipad 2, when I came across this gem: Super Mario Bros. iPad Cases! HoobyGroovy makes fantastically nerdy cases for both the iPad and iPhone. I always felt special when I would find the green mushroom, so I had to go with the 1-up case. But you can also get a red mushroom, a Goomba one, plus others. I love when I find original and clever things so I had to share this with you guys.


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  1. eric says:

    I remember my first experience Super Mario with was on the stand-up (arcade) version at the supermarket–yep, once upon a time there used to be video games at the supermarket to keep the kids busy while their parents shopped. I sucked at it, at first. Few people remember that SMB was the sequel to Mario Brothers (which I had on the Atari 2600), which in turn was one of Donkey Kong’s many spinoffs. The original MB was a much different game, though, as it didn’t have the scrolling format like SMB, and 2 players could play Mario and Luigi simultaneously. As it turned out, of course, Super Mario Bros. wound up being THE iconic game from the whole Mario franchise, and for Nintendo in general.

  2. Paul says:

    Holy crap, Spy vs. Spy for the NES. I haven’t thought about that game in forever! My brother and I loved playing that game!!!