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STRIDER Dashing Back Into Action This February

STRIDER Dashing Back Into Action This February

Strider Hiryu is what the kids would call an “OG,” as he’s been Cypher-slashing and cartwheel-jumping his way through enemy terrain since back in the late ’80s. Now, after a few runs of wave dashing in Capcom’s Marvel Vs. mash-ups, Mr. Hiryu will be making a return in his own adventure once again later this month.

StriderDouble Helix, the company behind the recent Killer Instinct reboot for the Xbox One, will be taking the helm on bringing the renowned cyber ninja back to prominence. The game will include a couple of challenge modes alongside it’s main campaign: Survival, which sends a mixture of difficult enemies after you in waves, and Beacon Run, a timed slice-and-dice speed-running challenge.

Strider will be ninja flipping his way onto PS4 and PS3 February 18 and then onto Xbox One, 360 and Steam the following day for $15. Now, let’s see if Capcom decides to get mega reboot happy and bring back a certain little blue android folks have been waiting for. Hey, one can dream can’t they?

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