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Stream Quilt’s Groovy New Album, Held In Splendor

Stream Quilt’s Groovy New Album, Held In Splendor

If your parents have ever told you they were “really into Jefferson Airplane,” then you have a lot of unwanted insights into who they probably were roughly nine months prior to your birth. The positive side of that is that they also probably have a lot of nehru jackets and bell bottom jeans in storage that you can break out while you listen to Quilt’s excellent, retro-leaning sophomore album, Held in Splendor.

The Boston-based trio sound like Jefferson Airplane and the Mamas and the Papas did what mamas and papas do and had a neo-psych lovechild that makes ebullient, peppy tracks with authentically Woodstocky lyrics: “All night, I dreamt like a dove/woke up with in a mirage of tomorrow/and now I’m seasoned as a swan.” The nimble harmonies are just as impressive as the smattering of classical instruments that complement the entrancing, buzzing guitar hooks. Go ahead and get limber now for the inevitable hippie hand dancing you’ll find yourself performing when you hit play.

Held in Splendor is currently streaming via NPR and will drop on January 28th via Mexican Summer.

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