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Strax Answers Questions from Children


Commander Strax, played by Dan Starkey, became an instant fan favorite when he arrived as part of the Doctor’s Justice League in the 2012 episode “A Good Man Goes to War.” Since then, he’s teamed up with the Silurian samurai detective Vastra and her sidekick/housekeeper/wife Jenny in Victorian London as a rather stroppy butler/chauffeur and will return to the show this weekend for “The Crimson Horror.”

He’s also become a sort of spokes-Sontaran for Doctor Who at public appearances and for online videos. Recently, the battle-hardened warrior sat in front of some children at Cardiff, Wales’ Monster Day Out, a special event for families about the series, which films in Cardiff. Starkey is quite adept at riffing in character, especially when asked some of the sillier questions. He’s such a good sport and clearly loves being part of the show. I’m not the first to say this, nor will I be the last, but Strax, Vastra, and Jenny should have their own show. I’d watch the hell out of it.

See them all this Saturday at 8/7c on BBC America on Doctor Who, which, you may have heard, is followed by Orphan Black and a little show called The Nerdist.


  1. Uncle Mikey says:


    Also, Mr Starkey really has much too much fun with his job 😀

  2. Michael Alex Kawa says:

    This is very cool .Dan Starkey is awesome .