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Stop! Hammer Time: A New “Thor: The Dark World” Trailer

Stop! Hammer Time: A New “Thor: The Dark World” Trailer

By Odin’s raven! By Idris Elba’s weird color contacts! By S.H.I.E.L.D.’s underground Tesseract research facilities! We’re so excited for the release of today’s Thor: The Dark World trailer that we’ve practically run out of Thor-related exclamations. If you enjoyed the last trailer, then you’re going to love this. The new trailer for the Alan Taylor-directed sequel gives us an extensive view of what we’ll be in for this fall, putting Tom Hiddleston’s deliciously conniving Loki front-and-center. Add in some Natalie Portman, giant stone golems, and sweeping scenes of mythical combat and you’ve got a recipe for awesome.

Everything about The Dark World seems bigger – the scale, the battles, and even the amount of Norse mythology – and the epic tone suits the character well. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor must join forces with his tricksy half-brother Loki in order to defeat a great evil, the dark elf Malekith, that threatens to destroy all of Asgard unless they can put aside their differences. This trailer was so jam-packed with over-the-top Mjolnir-swingin’ action that our intern just smashed his coffee cup and shouted, “Another!” Now our floor is covered with coffee and porcelain, but these are some of the sacrifices we have to make for the things we love.

And in case the trailer wasn’t enough, here’s a brand new poster for your perusing pleasure too!


What do you think of Thor: The Dark World so far? What would you like to see in the sequel? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Medford says:

    IMHO you’ve got the right anresw!

  2. Ben Z says:

    Looks good enough to overcome my distaste of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. Just wish they would get someone that can actually play the role.