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Steven Soderbergh Edits Both PSYCHOs into One Film

Steven Soderbergh Edits Both PSYCHOs into One Film

It’s possibly one of the weirdest and yet most brilliant things the internet hath wrought in recent memory. Notoriously whim-driven filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, on his marketplace website Extension 765, has posted a unique cinematic experiment, cramming together an undisputed masterpiece of horror and suspense with its shot-for-shot remake from nearly 40 years later, widely considered a complete and utter failure. Those movies are, of course, Alfred Hitchock’s 1960 film Psycho and Gus Van Sant’s 1998 film Psycho.

Almost scene by scene, the edit cuts between the original and the remake, often proving it was, in fact, NOT a shot-for-shot remake, especially when you see all the added salaciousness in Van Sant’s version. However, it’s quite enlightening to see how two films using the same script and almost exact cinematography and editing can result in two such different films, that nevertheless seem to coexist very nicely in a trippy headspace way. Wait until you get to the shower scene to see exactly how different the two are.

The video is not embeddable, but visit Extension 765 to check it out.

For funsies, and because Trailers From Hell posted the link that I saw (a repost from Ed Brubaker), here’s John Landis on Hitchcock’s Psycho and Ti West on Van Sant’s Psycho.