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Steve Casino’s Superhero Peanut Figures Have Us Cracking Up

Steve Casino’s Superhero Peanut Figures Have Us Cracking Up

Steve Casino, the self-proclaimed “Painter of Nuts,” has done some pretty impressive things with otherwise ordinary legumes. In fact, he’s made them downright extraordinary by turning them into superheroes. Now these are some nuts we’d consider shelling out some serious cashew for (sorry: we sometimes can’t help ourselves).

Taking up to 20 hours to complete each piece, these little works of art are not some sort of after-school craft game — they take tons of effort, multiple nuts, and Casino’s seriously impressive artistic talents. Our personal favorite is the Hulk.











Not only has Casino taken a stab at these comic book heroes, he’s also captured the headlining characters from Doctor Who, Edward Scissorhands, Elf, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Addams Family, and pop culture figures like Andy Warhol, John Wayne, and Elton John. And, truly, that’s only scratching at the shell’s surface, so it’d really be in your best interest to head over to his site and check out the rest.

What do you think of these nutty sculptures? Would you ever want to own one? Let us know in the comments!

HT: Geeky Geek Week


  1. Kevyn Knox says:

    This little guys are nutso good. See what I did there? Anyway, these are seriously fantasteek works of art, and thee are a ton more (from all different genres/walks of life) over at his site.