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Stephen Hawking to Guest on LAST WEEK TONIGHT with John Oliver

Stephen Hawking to Guest on LAST WEEK TONIGHT with John Oliver

The famed cosmologist and public intellectual Stephen Hawking with be the guest on HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver this Sunday night, June 15th.

Hawking is perhaps most famous within the scientific community for his discovery of what was later deemed “Hawking Radiation”–particles that actually escape the death-grip of black holes and reduce the total mass of a black hole until it evaporates. Culturally, Hawking is renowned for published A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes in 1988, which became a worldwide best-seller, and for appearing on shows like The Big Bang Theory.

Though Hawking’s public appearances are largely scripted beforehand and replayed through his voice synthesizer, the brilliant cosmologist will likely still have something to say to Oliver that will blow all our minds.

Don’t have HBO? Catch up with all of John Oliver’s stellar segment on Last Week Tonight‘s YouTube channel.

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IMAGE: The Guardian


  1. grim says:

    “Hawking with be”
    Your editor dropped the ball. It’s the little things like this that can fuck with your credibility as professionals and a news source. Gotta watch out for it.