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The following must be read in the voice of a preacher:

As I step up to this pulpit, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you all about the illustrious sixth day of the Steam summer sale. And on the sixth day of this glorious occasion, the almighty Lord Newell has bestowed upon us another batch of splendid discounted goodness.

Kicking things off with 66% discounts are Fallout: New Vegas and Metro: Last Light Complete Edition, which have both descended upon us from the heavens at the slim price of $6.79. I implore that all fans of military and espionage games open thy wallets and accept the retail nobility of Call of Duty: Ghost for $29.99 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist for &7.49. The timeless story of Brother: A Tale of Two Sons can be yours for $2.99, and Torchlight II is waiting for you at the gates for only $4.99.

Though he’s not quite the holy ghost, the digital books that outline the adventures of the ghastly Detective Ronan have mysteries all throughout their pixelated scriptures. These too can be yours when you pick up Murdered: Soul Suspect for $33.49.

Of course, my sermon on how good these deals are is likely preaching to the choir, so get down on thy knees, use every ounce of faith you’ve got to click that “add to cart” button, and may Lord Newell shine his righteous light of video game opulence upon you.

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  1. Rockiavelli says:

    Nerdist is just shilling for Steam now?
    Why not pick a game on sale and highlight WHY it’s worth picking up at the diminished price?
    Interplanetary is a perfect example.  I wasn’t going to buy the game for 10$ because it’s still early access and screw early access, but for $5…  Yeah, I bought a four pack for $15.
    It’s an awesome game, like those old tanks flash games, but on the scale of a solar system.  
    Spread the good word, instead of just rehashing the steam sale.  You’re better than that.  Try harder.

  2. Jeff says:

    I bought the ultimate edition 8hrs before it went on sale…suffice it to say, I want to take an anti-materiel rifle to Steam right now…

  3. BlackFonzie says:

    Can you guys please, for the love of God, put a direct link to the store? Every time I come here, I consider (and quickly forget in a drunken haze) to unsubscribe from the news feed because I can’t follow through to the source!