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Starz Series THE CHAIR Debuts HOLLIDAYSBURG Trailer

Starz Series THE CHAIR Debuts HOLLIDAYSBURG Trailer

As previously mentioned way back in April, Starz and Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore have teamed up to bring audiences a new type of filmmaking competition. Two directors were given identical budgets, the same script (How Soon is Now, by Dan Schoffer, a coming-of-age comedy that takes place the first Thanksgiving weekend home from freshman year of college) and told to make their own movies.  Now we have our first look at the results of their endeavours.

Periods. Films writer and star Anna Martemucci, brings us her vision of the script, which has been retitled Hollidaysburg. Anna wanted to tell a more autobiographical story, so with the help of her writing team (including her husband Victor Quinaz, writer/director of Breakup At A Wedding) they centered the plot around a group of college students who return home for Thanksgiving to a town named after her childhood home in Pennsylvania.

Last week, YouTube star Shane Dawson premiered his version of the movie. Also retitled, this time as Not CoolDawson’s version deals with a younger cast of characters and adheres closer to style of humor his fanbase has come to love. Dawson has said, “The movie is about how important ‘being cool’ is when you’re in high school, and the realization you have after you graduate that maybe it doesn’t matter that much anymore.”

Both Dawson, Martemucci and the The Chair producers will be on hand at Comic-Con to discuss the project and hopefully premier some of the footage from the series, which will chronicle the two separate productions from start to finish. Fan favorite Zachary Quinto and his producing partners Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson will also be at the panel to represent their company, Before The Door Pictures, responsible for producing both versions of the film. The panel happens Friday July 25th at 1:30pm in Marriott Hall 1 & 2 if you’re interested in hearing more about this unique new series.

Which version do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Bobby Snyder says:

    This is awesome! I live 45 minutes from Hollidaysburg! Looks like it should be amazing!