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Star Wars Subway Car

This is why you never leave home without your lightsaber.

via Improv Everywhere


  1. Nexium says:

    This is exactly what the trolley in downtown SD is like during Comic Con

  2. GlossGreen says:

    Now that was awesome and very well done. It was great seeing the crowd enjoying it, too.

  3. Dr.Hokan says:

    Now that was cool. 😀

  4. Aleksey says:

    i would kill to have a StormTrooper suit!!!

  5. Double Trouble says:

    LOL! Why am I never around when epic shit like this happens?

  6. ils says:

    wtf?? i cant believe nobody stepped up to save the princess!! lol

  7. Jack-Henry says:

    That was possibly the best thing Ive seen all year.