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STAR WARS REBELS Teasers Offer a First Look at the Animated Series

STAR WARS REBELS Teasers Offer a First Look at the Animated Series

The rebellion as seen in A New Hope didn’t start overnight. Upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels is putting the focus on the people who planted the seeds of the anti-Empire movement. Their actions changed the galaxy. We’ve been introduced to two characters so far, Kanan and Ezra, and now Disney and Lucasfilm have released two teasers showing the first footage from the series.

The teasers, titled “Ignite” and “Spark,” both emphasize how the resistance begins with a spark and that small undertakings can lead to big changes. They are reminiscent of the trailers and tagline for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – “Every revolution begins with a spark.” The parallel is fitting, since both stories focus on fighting back against controlling governments.

Both of the teasers also feature Ezra. He’s part of the main cast of characters, and the youngest we’ve been introduced to so far. I’m guessing the focus is on him to draw in the kids. Grown-up kids can appreciate the bigger themes on display in the footage and the Ralph McQuarrie-inspired designs that are visible in the landscape and vehicles. Color me excited.

Are you looking forward to seeing the beginning of the rebellion in Star Wars Rebels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Phillip Armoth says:

    Looks like another moronic abuse of the Star Wars mythos in the name of money and child-marketing. Purple hair and idiotic Stormtroopers? I’d rather have Hayden Christensen in Episode VII than deal with more of this trash. It doesn’t help that this show is airing on Disney channel, well-known for besmriching the name of the Disney company with low-quality sitcoms and plaguing the world with insecure child-actors. It’s one thing to make the prequels and the Clone Wars and say that this is how the original Star Wars got started. It’s another thing entirely to make yet another show that will be directly interfering with the Original Trilogy in a bad way. Star Wars has been suffering under the might of deluded fans and misguided followers for too long. The Expanded Universe must end, once and for all. If you cannot execute a television show well, then don’t attempt it. We must end fan service and fan-developed concepts. Editors exist for a reason.

  2. krogan-charging says:

    That art style looks fucking awful.

  3. T_ says:

    Looks ok (so far) but it looks to be marketed to kids (primarily).