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STAR WARS Meets Woody Allen’s MANHATTAN in Mashup Trailer

A long time ago in a deli far far away… scenes from the original Star Wars films were re-edited in the tone of a Woody Allen movie.

With heart-pounding lightsaber battles, spectacular space dogfights, and a moon-sized battle station that can easily annihilate planets, Star Wars is perhaps the most epic space opera to have ever graced the big screen. But a looming question that’s stood out in almost nobody’s mind is; is our beloved canonical franchise neurotic enough? Now, thanks to the folks at Vulture, the question has been answered with one of their “Vulture Remixes,” which mashes up scenes from Star Wars with the filmmaking style of Woody Allen’s classic movie, Manhattan, in a trailer entitled Tatooine.

The Tatooine trailer pays homage to Manhattan with its black and white color scheme, the use of Gershwin’s score “Rhapsody in Blue,” and a focus on Star Wars’ undoubtedly most neurotic character, C-3PO. And with some of Threepio’s most self-effacing and anxious lines delivered back-to-back in the trailer (“We seem to be made to suffer, it’s our lot in life,” “You go on, there’s no sense in you risking yourself on my account,” “I’ve got such a bad case of dust contamination I can barely move”), it becomes abundantly clear that the paranoid android makes for Allen’s perfect spirit-bot.

And while you may be thinking, “How did C-3PO manage to survive in a war-torn galaxy while being such a… Woody Allen?”–it should be noted that he is the only speaking character to appear in every film in the franchise, including The Force Awakens, where he will be sporting his brand new red arm. Anthony Daniels, the actor behind Threepio, is reprising his role in the new film as well, both playing and voicing the character. This means that, although we’ll probably never know what a Woody Allen-directed Stars Wars would look like, at least we’re getting the OG C-3PO to sprinkle in some sense of existential angst.

What do you think about the Tatooine trailer? Would you ever want to see Woody Allen direct an installment of Star Wars? Is there some kind of game we can play where we have to guess if it was Allen or C-3PO who said it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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HT: Vulture

Image: Disney // Star Wars via Vulture

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