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STAR WARS Guitars Let You Rock with the Force

STAR WARS Guitars Let You Rock with the Force

Star Wars fans continually surprise me with the different ways they express their love for the saga. Some watch the movies on repeat, some collect action figures, and others use their passion to create. Several fans have even built functioning musical instruments based on characters and ships from Star Wars. Mental Floss has rounded up a list showcasing such creations, specifically featuring modified guitars.

The R2-D2 guitar (Guitar2-D2) pictured above was made by Doug. The body of the guitar was cut from two pieces of poplar, he ordered the neck, and he got a used Ibanez guitar from Craigslist to scavenge the guts from for his build. He hand painted the astromech with acrylic paint and covered the front and back with clear acrylic sheets to protect the paint. This is one of the droids you’re looking for.

Star Wars guitar 1

Rainy Day Instruments on Etsy built this C-3PO electric guitar from one of the classic collector’s case. It still opens, and Threepio says three different phrases. You can buy this guitar for $465. The guitar probably will not make comments about your manners.

Star Wars guitar 3

Star Wars guitar 3.5

Travis Stevens has built both a Han Solo guitar and at least two Millennium Falcons. The Falcon guitar pictured above is a bass and features a maple core. Just like its namesake, the guitar has a lot of modifications. The base of the bass is Power of the Force toy, but Stevens added details to make it look more screen accurate.

Star Wars guitar 4

The Millennium Falcon seems to be a popular choice for modification, but it’s not the only ship Tom Bingham has turned into a guitar. He’s also transformed a B-wing and a Y-wing into functional instruments. Bingham finds inspiration from toys he finds at car boot sales (like yard sales) in the UK.

See more galactic guitar designs at Mental Floss.


  1. Sweet! Some awesome looking guitars I can fuck up the “Smoke On The Water” riff with!