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St. Vincent and Neon Indian Don’t Celebrate Labor Day, Too Busy Working

God, Mondays are the worst…. unless you’re on vacation because of LABOR DAY! Woo! But if an additional day off from soul-squandering work isn’t good enough, NPR has decided to reward us all with early streams of St. Vincent’s new album Strange Mercy and Neon Indian’s sophomore album Era Extrana. This is a really exciting period in either of these artist’s careers as both follow up critically lauded albums, and if I weren’t so dead set on listening to both albums in rapid succession, I would have given each album its own post.

But the more I think about it, the simultaneous release of Strange Mercy and Era Extrana is nerd fate. Though either represents disparate ends of a DIY aesthetic, both are idiosyncratic wonks that pay obsessive attention to instrumentation in the recording process. That’s why it’s hard to judge how much of a joke Neon Indian’s in-faux-mercial really is, and hard to understand how Annie Clark ever has time to go outside with the excruciating amount of detail that goes into her recordings (it’s Labor Day for you too, Annie Clark!). Although I know I need to listen to either album outside of the context I have proposed, its pretty clear that both artists are making it that much more difficult to define what your average tech-nerd looks like.

Oh, one last thing. Becca wanted (forced) me to mention that after a National concert at the Bowery Ballroom in New York last summer, Annie Clark chatted her up a bit and bought her a drink. Psh, big deal….I’m not like… seething with jealousyor anything. One time I drank free wine with Kurt Vile’s drummer, so ha! But petty music-nerd-inter-competitiveness aside, I hope everyone checks out both of these albums and enjoys their shortened workweeks.

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