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Squirrel Baby for Sale!

What was up with Crazy Claire’s squirrel baby from LOST Season 6?  The crew and cast members of LOST try to explain in this video, which can be found on the LOST Season 6 DVD/Blu-Ray Extras coming out 8/24/2010.

Btw, If you’re interested in procuring the squirrel baby for your own creepy collection check out the LOST auction this weekend in Santa Monica, CA. This sciurid tyke will run you $300-$500.


  1. dragoncores says:

    SQUIRREL BABYS. Every one will want one for their party’s. it will make your friends go WFT then run out of your house or is that because my head spins around. I dont know It will eb the life or death of the party. It will gross your friends out. it will make your neighbors call the police on you. Squirrel baby not available in stores yet.(warning squirrel baby may cause you to loses all your friends and family. you may end up in a mental institution. does not cause your head to spin around. other side effects are vomiting. low self esteem, feeling like something is watching you, and with extrema cases demonic position. Enjoy)

  2. Jeff Post says:

    Is the Squirell Baby wearing DriveShaft’s Bassists ring? Claire, you owe Charlie a kiss on the pecker. He’s went down for the dirt nap in your honor.