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Sprint Into Post-Apocalyptica with THE MAZE RUNNER Trailer

Sprint Into Post-Apocalyptica with THE MAZE RUNNER Trailer

If there was ever a case for making cardio a consistent part of your exercise schedule, it’s The Maze Runner. The highly anticipated adaptation of James Dashner’s best-selling post-apocalyptic novel has a brand new trailer, and it features a metric ton of running. For those not in the know, the novel follows a young man named Thomas (Comic-Con heartthrob/Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien) who wakes up trapped on the outskirts of a massive maze with a group of other boys (including Game of Thrones‘ Jojen Reed) with no memory of how he arrived there in the first place. Except one day an even more mysterious girl shows up — which has never happened before — and she just so happens to know Thomas’ name.

The latest in a string of hot teens facing down the apocalypse genre entries, the novel basically plays out like Lord of the Flies-meets-The Hunger Games by way of a Barnes maze, with Thomas remembering snippets of his past to uncover clues along the way. While the book made for alright beach reading, I found it immensely frustrating because for nearly 75% of it, our protagonist spends most of his time whining about how no one will tell him anything, and he can’t remember anything either. So far, the film is looking like a much more compelling version of The Maze Runner story, and the scale of the ever-shifting, monster-filled maze really comes across in the brand new trailer.

Are you going to run to your local theater to see Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner when it comes out on September 19, 2014? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter.


  1. donovan says:

    I really hope this will crush the tame Hunger Games and will help Kaya Scodelario to become the Superstar she deserves to be.