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Special Doctor Who Premiere Screening With The Cast And Chris Hardwick Monday In NYC

Monday, April 11th. 7 pm Eastern. Village East Cinema, 189 Second Avenue, New York.

The premiere episode of the new season of Doctor Who on the big screen. Parts one and two.

That’s not enough? Then how about Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, and Steven Moffat live in person, in a Q&A session hosted by your ol’ pal Chris Hardwick?

Yeah, thought so.

Seating is first-come, first served. The details are here, and remember that an RSVP doesn’t guarantee a seat, so get there early. Oh, and if you aren’t in New York or can’t go, it’ll be recorded for the Nerdist Podcast, so everybody wins.


UPDATE: Hey, guys, Chris would like some suggestions for questions to ask of the panel.  Post ’em below and he’ll see them.  Also, I don’t know about the best time to get there or any other details (like a lot of you, I’m not in the New York area and can’t go); the best place to check for information or to post about that would be at that link above.  Post those question suggestions here; hope you all make it there and get in, too.

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  1. Tom says:

    I also thought of some SUPER NERDY questions to ask SM as well, both concerning The Big Bang:

    1. Did the Doctor do anything in particular to initiate the causal loop that enables him to get out of the Pandorica, or did the paradox simply originate by fluke accident somehow?

    2. Also in The Big Bang, when the two sonic screwdrivers touch they elicit a spark because of the differential in “temporal energy” or some such. Is there a reason why nothing similar happens when the Doctor and Amy touch future/past versions of themselves?

    (yeah, I did say they were nerdy!)

  2. Tom says:

    I’d love to know how Steven Moffat would reflect on his career. For instance, does he think he would have been successful breaking in as a writer no matter what or would he still be an English teacher today if he’d never gotten that one lucky break? Also, how does he feel about the word “genius” being thrown around so often in conjunction with his name — I’m sure he doesn’t mind the flattery, but is he ever embarrassed at all by it?

    Also, since unfortunately one of the less glamorous job requirements of being showrunner of Doctor Who is having to put up with rude criticism, I’m curious about how Steven feels towards those critics. Does he feel genuinely apologetic that his efforts haven’t connected with those people who insist he’s “ruined” Doctor Who, or does he wish they’d all just stop watching and go away?

  3. Two questions for Mr. Moffat:

    1.) How often has the physical reality of a location forced a last minute alteration to a script, either from changed dialogue or changed plot elements?
    2.) Was the “Silence Will Fall” voice done by John Leeson?

    Thanks, Chris Hardwick… you rock.

  4. angiem577 says:

    First off — huge congratulations and Thank You! to Matt Smith and Steven Moffat and the team for giving me such a special Doctor Who… *steals hug from Matt*

    Question: If S5 was a fairy tale, how would you describe S6?

  5. Tom picard says:

    Why isn’t season 5 of doctor who on netfix streaming yet. And P.S. Could you explain season 5 cause it made no sense why Amy controlled every thing or something like that

  6. James McGill says:

    Ohh, I forgot. One other thing.

    Question for Stephen:

    Is there any chance of a “4 Doctors” Episode? And by this I mean one with Paul McGann(Doctor #8), Christopher Eccleston(Doctor #9), David Tennant (Doctor #10), and Matt (Doctor #11). And if it does happen can we A) get a little more info on the Time war, Find out a little bit more on what happened with Paul McGann’s character that hasn’t been learned from the many books and radio stories he’s been in, and C) see if Amy can actually control herself around all that brain power.

    Question For Matt:

    What other odd food combinations does the Doctor like besides Fish sticks and Custard?

  7. James McGill says:

    Question for Stephen Moffat:

    In the First Episode with Matt Smith, Amy’s good looking friend’s name is Jeff. The Doctor takes his computer later in the episode and see’s that he is looking at porn. In Coupling, you had a character named Jeff who had similar predilection. Question is, was this the character in Doctor Who a salute to Coupling or do you actually know someone named Jeff who is a friend and you mess with him in your immensely popular shows that are seen all over the world?

  8. Jason says:

    Question for Steven Moffat & panel:

    You’ve had “guest writers” from time to time. Any possibility you would consider asking Joss Whedon to write an episode??

  9. Kyle says:

    Question for Steven Moffat and panel:

    The Doctor mentions that the TARDIS has other rooms, such as a library and swimming pool. Is there any chance that in the new series or a future series that these rooms will be shown and explored?

  10. Kyle says:

    Question for Steven Moffat:

    Nicholas Courtney (who played Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in the classic series) passed away this year. The Brigadier was such an iconic character within the Doctor Who universe and much beloved by fans that there should be some kind of tribute for him. Would Steven Moffat be interested in writing some kind of episode or special that pays some sort of homage to this character and the rich history he contrbuted to the Doctor Who universe?

  11. The Raggedy One says:

    To Anyone:
    Is there any possibility that Matt’s Doctor will be allowed a long running child companion? While I do love Rory and Amy to death, the more I re-watch this past season and A Christmas Carol the more I get a Dr. Seuss or Gene Wilder’s Willie Wonka feel to Matt’s doctor.

  12. Alyssa F says:

    Question for all:
    Excluding Doctor Who, what has been the most Difficult Role or project you have worked on?