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Spacey/Deserty Art Show in LA, 9/17!

My gf Janet Varney, one of the co-founders/producers of SF Sketchfest, and her friend Jessica Makinson are together co-founding/producing a radtastic art installation called Fleeting Immersion at Tinlark Gallery in LA from September 17-25. The show has asked a group of hand-picked, masterful artists to create works–paintings, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, etc.–around the mash-up theme of  “Santa Fe Astronaut”. Janet calls it “…a fusion of two seemingly disparate concepts that share more artistic commonality than might initially meet the eye.” There is going to be some seriously kick-ass stuff by some talented humans. Opening reception is September 17th at 8p, so go already! I am!

by Susie Ghahremani


  1. There’s something so wonderful about installation art and the feeling of infiltrating someone’s trippy house, which is actually an awesome art adventure. And I can shop.

    I’m jotting it down for a visit the 2nd weekend it’s open.

  2. dragoncores says:

    sounds like fun and i can see trackys(or how ever you spell that)being there and alien people and alien hunter and other things. yay for strange things. government will be there to to cover things up. No they want. they will not be there. I am not being forced to type this.