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SoulPancake’s KID PRESIDENT To Be TV Series at Hub Network

SoulPancake’s KID PRESIDENT To Be TV Series at Hub Network

Another great web series has just been picked up to series for television as SoulPancake‘s amazing Kid President has just been picked up as a full fledged TV show at The Hub Network for 10 episodes this June. Just watch this announcement from the Kid President himself:

Like so many great web series that end up being wildly successful, Robby Novak and his big brother-in-law Brad Montague just started off in the Summer of 2012 making some fun videos in which Robby, age 10, would play the President of The United States. The dancing, positively affirming POTUS Robby Novak, whose dancing is more impressive given being diagnosed with Osteogensis Imperfecta (i.e., has incredibly brittle bones), has made its way from being just a nice side project to being one of the best web series at Rainn Wilson‘s online channel SoulPancake. The Kid President has gotten so popular that he’s had actual celebrity guests like Beyonce and even the actual president, Barack Obama, on the show.

Now, Kid President gets to be a TV show, as mentioned above, this Summer on Hub Network.

These days, Kid President is a rare intersection of a show that has a positive message without the use of any satire or irony and is a truly family friendly show. Seriously, if a dancing kid president doesn’t brighten your day, I really don’t know what will.