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Sons Of Anarchy Ride to Boom! Studios

sonsofanarchySons of Anarchy showrunner and American Bad-Ass Kurt Sutter, expanded on the discussion of a series of SoA graphic novels (first announced a few weeks ago at Comic-Con) to the collection of journalists assembled at the FX network TCA presentation last week. In a partnership with Boom! Studios, the graphic novels would bridge the story of the show with a possible “prequel” TV series.  Boom! is no stranger to licensed content, as its library includes titles such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 28 Days Later, Eureka, and Farscape. 

Surprisingly, in addition to the graphic novels, Sutter said a variety of “off media” alternatives are being considered to keep the mythology alive once the show wraps at the conclusion of its seventh season (season six is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, September 10th). Although the prequel won’t be coming for a few years because, as Sutter stated, “I want to let the property rest for a year or so after Sons before jumping in,” it does appear that discussions for expanding the series beyond the established continuity have been frequent. One of the potential options mentioned includes a “gaming idea” but, he said, “The graphic novels are the first step to do that,” so clearly a Full Throttle-esque SoA PC game is still a ways off (RIP LucasArts 1982-2013).


The rest of the presentation focused on the upcoming sixth season and saw Sutter plead with the assembled league of extraordinary TV writers not to leak spoilers, before spoiling himself that season 7 will end “in a pool of blood.”  Sutter also stated that while he has some idea of what the final shot of the show should be (the whole motorcycle gang in a freeze-framed high five?), he remained committed to the conceit that it is only a “loose idea,” even going so far as to mention the possibility of there being more than the scheduled 13 episodes should he need more room to properly close out the story.


  1. MonarchHench says:

    10 thumbs up for the Full Throttle/LucasArts reference. Some of the best adventure games ever made were by that company in the 90s.