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Yeah, I’m pretty much nerding out over Doctor Who. I’m two eps into Season 3 and I’m angry that it took me this long to discover my new favorite show but thrilled that I get to have the experience. I mean, a show that, in one episode, goes back to meet Shakespeare, references the time travel laws of Back to the Future and then casts “Expelliarmus” at an alien witch??!!! Come the f*ck on! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, THE DOCTOR!



  • I started watching Doctor Who during David Tennant’s first season. I watched them in the correct order, but I got hooked FAST and I got 5 of my friends and one of my friends’ 7-year-old nephew hooked on the show. I have a sweet Tennant as Doctor Who poster in my room.
    I have about 20 classic Who DVDs on standby from Netflix. Best show ever! Glad to see you’re on board! :D

  • I was just telling my husband tonight about the episode with “expelliarmous” episode tonight. It loses something in the translation. I’m bound and determined to get him to watch this show.

  • Thats EXACTLY how i felt about a month ago, when i discovered Docctor Who. Been a Star Wars and Trek fan for a while. I was very shocked that i hadnt found it sooner.

  • @ kristin that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. DT was def my doctor and I’ll miss him but Matt Smith looks promising(esp with Moffat as head writer now) and if history proves anything, DT will be back in some kind of time paradox or multiverse crisis or whatnot. And if not, then at least he has the Royal Shakespearean Theatre and that NBC pilot to fall back on.

  • Heh! Welcome to “Who-Ville”! I got introduced to Dr. Who back in early 1990’s by my local PBS station… broadcasting it (the now “Classic series”) right after Red Dwarf (another BBC show) & stuck with it ever since.

    If you really get hooked, try to find the Classic series (they can be found online… although the BBC would likely send the Dialek fleet to hunt them down). Granted the production values are a bit cheesy by today’s standards, but the stories are still good.

  • Since you really like Doctor Who. You should really check out one of its spinoffs. Torchwood. The Doctor doesn’t actually appear in Torchwood but a lot of stories have him somehow tied in.

  • a) ‘Blink’ really is one of the best single episodes of that show. I know we’re playing it up but believe us.
    b) You probably would look great in a Doctor10 cosplay outfit. Ya bugger.
    c) Torchwood has swearing and blatant raunchiness and violence in it, and is pretty damn good too.

  • Same as Nester above, a high school friend introduced me to (old) Doctor Who in 1990. I geeked out when I found out the new version was coming out. Still a favorite show of mine today! Once you’re through, I also urge you to pleasepleasepleeeeease check out both the spin-offs (Torchwood cuz it rocks, Sarah Jane Adventures for curiosity’s sake) and the classic series. The classic is quite cheesy compared to the slick original but it’s still great fun.

  • jolly good! seeing as the doctor’s knob has been dutifully polished by your legions of acolytes, i shall wait with baited breath for the day that you discover the musical brilliance of aphex twin . i reckon it’ll be a day or two before you start unnecessarily pronouncing some words with a queen’s english inflection =D

  • Best part of the Shakespeare Episode is that Willy hits on The Doctor and The Doctor replies, “57 academics just punched the air.” Funniest thing I have heard in a while and I love that it came from RTD’s mind. Blink is brilliant but I also liked the Family of Blood Episodes which show a sadder side of the The Doctor and I think even touches on his need for companionship in any form. Just wait until you get to the first Episode of the 4th season it is the funniest and Catherine Tate is hilarious.

  • I felt the same way about “Tooth & Claw!” Werewoofs, origin stories, Queen Victoria, Scottish castles, ninja monks, whiskey tango foxtrot?? I’m only about halfway through the second season, but I’m the biggest nerdy nerdpants about it.

  • Welcome to our world (I feel that’s safe to say following all the comments). I would also likw to add, Disc 4 of Season 3 is the “Best Disc ever”. Not only do you have the much mentioned (and much beloved) “Blink”, it also starts off with the 2-part “Human Nature”/”Family of Blood” story where David T really get to show his range and goes far and beyond being simply “The Doctor”.

  • Welcome to the fabulous world of the Time Lord(s). I’ve loved Doctor Who since watching reruns on YTV while baby-sitting way back in the day. After buying/watching the Specials, I decided to go back and rewatch the entire New Seriers… that’s a good way to waste lovely weather, right? I agree with Human Nature/Family of Blood and Blink; I also loved Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (watch out for shadows) in series four. So many awesome episodes yet to come for you!

  • Gah! I just started watching Dr Who as well. Thanks be to Netflix and the PS3. I’ve been just plowing through the seasons all day long and am kicking myself for waiting for so long. WHO KNEW!?

  • Glad you finally found Dr. Who! been a fan of the Doctor since the 80’s. the reboot that bbc has done is just outstanding though. Tennant is my favorite of the two so far. third one is on the way already.
    Check out the episode “Blink” or anything with Capt Jack in it from Torchwood (also another fantastic show)

  • One of us, one of us!!! :)

    I have the Sonic Screwdriver too. I got a remote control K-9 for Christmas a couple years ago, but sadly he didn’t work very well & I had to return him. :(

    Any time you want someone to nerd out about the Doctor to, feel free! I’ll chat your… ear off? Or something. :)

  • Welcome to the greatest show on TV! If you’re only up to Season 3 of the new show then you have a lot of awesomeness to look forward to.

    I’ve been a lifelong watcher of the program. The original show also has 26 seasons to be mined for classic TV goodness if you should find yourself with a whole lot of time and money for 1/2 a billion DVDs.

  • Doctor Who is the greatest TV show in the history of mankind. Once you get through the new Who make sure to check out the old stuff. You should dig the hell out of Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy – they are amazing!

  • @M_Pony/@Wednesday Burns-White
    Now that you mention it: The perfectly spiked hair, the tight fitting clothing, the snazzy shoes, the snarky comments. Oh god, he’s like David Tennant incarnate. <3

  • YESSSS! Ok, that pic is supremely excellent.

    I adore the new Doctor Who seasons, although the longer it goes on the more episodes just rip my heart out. Seriously, I may never have cried this much at a TV show. :(

    One of my favorite of the earlier episodes is the WWII ep – The Doctor Dances – with the kid in the gas mask running around going ARE YOU MY MUMMY?? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that scared the snot out of me. Did I mention I’m a wuss?

  • Chris, if you like Season 3 you are going to absolutely flip out over Season 4. Before you get there though you should be aware that there are now several Doctor Who spin-off series including Torchwood (kind of an X-Files type show) and The Sarah Jane Adventures (a kids’ show based around a former companion of the Doctor and her son). You may want to watch them first because there are some cameos coming up in the next season that would make more sense if you’ve seen at least a bit of the other series. It’s probably not really a must, but if you’re freaking out this hard about Who you are more than likely going to want to see what is going on in the rest of the Whovian Universe. Enjoy!

  • The third season was a little bit of a mixed bag. By the end of the season there were some over the top cartoony elements (with authentic cartoon sound effects!) that mixed badly with some real dark elements. And some bad special effects! But the show recovers, so that’s okay I guess.

  • ok now i feel really cheezy. ive been watching Doctor Who for a while now and i have to say im in love. its the one show that has kept my attention for so long. so i (of coarse) figured, “i want to get online and see what kind of stuff they have…” so i did and one thing led to another and now i have a brand new very (so *&%$ stupid i cant believe i did this!) expensive sonic screwdriver… though i have to say this is the coolest thing ever! its an exact replica and is litterally EXACT to David Tennant’s sonic. before he broke it…

  • It’s funny you say that Chris, on Attack of the Show you were talking on gadget pron about a certain iphone dock and it was compatable with pandora but instead you said Pandorica! Coiencidnece? I think not!