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SONIC Dashes Through Hyrule In New LOST WORLD DLC

SONIC Dashes Through Hyrule In New LOST WORLD DLC

Hold your Hyrulian horses folks: The latest downloadable content pack for Sonic Lost World is here and it’s sporting all kinds of shades of green.

In The Legend of Zelda Zone, Sonic embarks on a new quest in a world inspired by one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises. It’s a dangerous Lost World out there, and that’s why Sonic is not only sporting Link’s iconic green tunic, but is joined by the hero himself as he flies on Skyward Sword’s Loftwing.

But that’s not the only homage to look forward to; players will spot classic Zelda locations such as Hyrule Field and Dodongo’s Cavern. And if you find that any part of the mission is as difficult as Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, fear not! Just use the Black Bomb Color Powers to uncover secret rooms, find hidden chests, and gain rewards. Check out the trailer:

Eager to see if hitting a cucco one too many times will bring a swarm to the blue hero? Wait no longer — you can download the content now for FREE on the Wii U.