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Some Friendly Ultimatums From Stan Lee

Please enjoy Stan Lee encouraging you to attend Comikaze Expo this November 5th and 6th at the LA Convention Center!


  1. Anwar Namtut says:

    You don’t scare me, Stan. I’d pay good money to see a Dazzler movie starring Lady Gaga.

  2. Wesley Marshall says:

    I want Stan Lee to be awesome Jewish grandfather. Please. He’s just to adorable! EXCELSIOR!!!!

  3. Nandronicus says:

    He had me at, “I’ll crash the sun into the earth.”

  4. tiger0065 says:

    He’s got to be the funniest guy out there. I love his interviews

  5. Joob says:

    hehe, Dazzler movie…

  6. Mand W. says:

    Stan Lee is such an awesome, cute old man :). Loved when he said “Shut your mouth!”afer you hear someone say “You didn’t create Dazzler Stan” lol