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Soldiers of Thundura

Seven months, 1,000 hours, and 6 x 11 feet of canvas used in the best way mankind knows how: This epic Thundercats oil painting by Robert Burden, titled Soldiers of Thundura, had me picking my jaw up off the floor. Check out Robert’s site for some of his past work, and your inner 80’s child won’t be disappointed.  Thundercats HOOOO!

Sorry, I had to.

via [Gizmodo]


  1. Bill Main says:

    Um. Awesome. The fact that this guy photographed his work in progress the whole way, let alone painting this beautiful thing is ridiculously cool.

  2. Matt says:

    That is a fantastic. It brings me back to my childhood and those great saturday mornings. I can still smell that new action figure smell.

  3. Stephen P. says:

    Gizmodo’s title of the painting is a typo. It’s “Soldiers of Thundera” not Thundura.