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SNOWPIERCER Trailer: Life’s a Classist Train and You’re Not Getting Into First Class

SNOWPIERCER Trailer: Life’s a Classist Train and You’re Not Getting Into First Class

Life can be many things: a box of chocolates, a highway, a game, a flower. But we bet you never thought of life as a train, running in circles forever, divided nonsensically by the people in control who hope to remain with exclusive rights to said power. That’s why there’s Snowpiercer, the trailer for sci-fi director Bong Joon-ho’s latest film.

It’s dystopia time on earth, where in this hypothetical future, a failed global-warming experiment has killed off most of life on earth. The remaining humans forced to live life on a train called the Snowpiercer, a high-speed capsule of classist life propelled forever thanks to its perpetual-motion engine.

The film stars Captain America himself, Chris Evans, alongside The War Doctor John Hurt, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, Octavia Spencer, and living ethereal being Tilda Swinton in a sci-fi feature based on Le Transperceneige, a science fiction post-apocalyptic French graphic novel created by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette about the world’s few survivors.

If the film sounds familiar that may be a result of the fact that Snowpiercer‘s initial release already happened. Well, if you live in South Korea at least (it made its worldwide debut there last August), or if you happened to attend the 2014 Berlin Film Festival. Its stateside release is set for June 27th — and it’s a director’s cut to boot! — after it premieres at the Los Angeles Film Festival on the 11th of June.

So: who’s Team Swinton and who’s Team Evans in this battle? And what sort of terrors exist beyond the train? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

HT: Variety


  1. RyanHBP says:

    This movie looks like an episode of Doctor Who.

  2. Kaeba says:

    Alllready watched it. Awesome.

  3. Samba says:

    Team Ice Queen…anyone?