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SNL This Week: Kristen Wiig Returns

wiigsnl0513Kristen Wiig is back at NBC’s Saturday Night Live this weekend, and the promo features some schtick with Fred Armisen, including some characters that don’t ring a bell, some dramatic interpretations, and some dancing, because dancing is always welcome. Vampire Weekend is the musical guest.

More promos, these with Kenan Thompson and the band:

The usual time and channel, of course. You gonna watch? What characters are you hoping she’ll do?


  1. Milla says:

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  2. Ruben says:

    I watched her on SNL this morning and it was like walking down memory lane. They brought back so many characters that she was famous for, and I loved it. I hope she comes back sometime soon. I worked late at DISH last night, so I set up my DVR to record SNL. I usually catch up on my TV shows while I’m cleaning the house, and being able to pause in the kitchen then continue in the living room with my DISH Hopper helps me stay productive.

  3. Me! says:

    None, she annoyed the crap out of me with every character. I was so happy she left…sigh.

  4. I like how viewers have to watch an ad in order to watch a promo. Oh, internet.

    Still, a charming promo indeed. I may watch.

  5. Midgetlegs says:

    I always had a weird fondness for Target Lady.

  6. Shayde says:

    I sure as hell hope it’s not Gilly.