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SNL Showed Some Never Before Seen THE FORCE AWAKENS Screen Tests

Getting cast in a Star Wars film is a very big deal. The kind of role that can change your life forever, because at the very least it guarantees you’ll always be able to make money from conventions. So it’s no surprise that roles in The Force Awakens were highly coveted. Now we can see what could have been, since Saturday Night Live showed the auditions for some very famous people that didn’t make the cut.

The sketch starts with J.J. Abrams himself saying it might be fun to look at some never before seen screen tests, but he wasn’t the only person from The Force Awakens to join in the fun. Both Daisy Ridley and John Boyega showed up, with Boyega having a laugh at the people who were upset at the idea of a black Stromtrooper.

The sketch is full of SNL cast members doing impressions of celebrities, including Cecily Strong as Sophia Vergara, Jay Pharoah as Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Tucker, and Beck Bennett as Javier Bardem to name just a few. The best though might have been Bobby Moynihan as Danny Devito auditioning for BB-8. Oh, and a certain older director just happened to wander by the auditions.

Unlike when Saturday Night Live did a similar sketch years ago, with “lost audition tapes” for the original films, this one also incorporated actual celebrities, with Emma Stone showing up, along with Jon Hamm who wanted to audition for “Hamm Solo.”

What celebrity from this sketch would you really have liked to see end up in The Force Awakens? Tell us in the comments below.

Image: NBC

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