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SNL Recap: Martin Short

SNL Recap: Martin Short

Martin Short was already famous for his outrageous comedy creations from SCTV when he joined the cast of SNL for the ’84-’85 season. 28 years later he returned last night to host Saturday Night Live‘s Christmas episode with Paul McCartney as musical guest.

Silent Night Cold Open

The New York City Children’s Chorus perform Silent Night in memory of the victims of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.

Holiday Pageant

What Up With That? Christmas Spectacular

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Old Friends

Malibu High (Dress Rehearsal)


  1. Uriah says:

    It was nice seeing Martin Short return to the stage that he performed on years ago! I loved the whole show and he did a great job ending this year for SNL. It was a good way to end my week. I was working late at DISH that night, so I was unable to see the show live on TV. Knowing this, I set my DISH Hopper to automatically record the show so that I could watch it the next morning. It’s nice having the entire season on my DVR with more than enough space left to record my other shows.

  2. John says:

    Charlie Brown Christmas was top-notch. I love when SNL finds an excuse for every cast member to do an impression in the same sketch.