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SNL Recap: Jeremy Renner

SNL Recap: Jeremy Renner

Serial badass Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live this week, with Maroon 5 as the musical act. The sketches ran the gamut from an Avengers spoof to General Petraeus’ affair and even the return of animation to the show. Here are the highlights of the best sketches of the episode:

The Avengers

Tourism Ad

Cartoon: Drones


The Californians: Thanksgiving

C-Span Booknotes

Dress Rehearsal: Thanksgiving (This sketch didn’t make it to the final show, but was filmed during the final dress rehearsal.)

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  1. John says:

    This episode was not as enjoyable for me as others this season. Lots of breaking (Renner during monologue, Armisen during “Californians”, etc.), and sloppy presentation (“Avengers” blocking, cold-open extras walking in front of shot). I do like the show. Just drinking some haterade this week.

  2. Alex says:

    The Kat Williams part of Weekend Update was hilarious

  3. Uriah says:

    Jeremy Renner is one of my favorite actors, he made me laugh a lot during the SNL he hosted the other night. The Avengers spoof was my favorite skit. Kate McKinnon was really good at playing Black Widow. It was a hilariously over-exaggerated way of showing how they act. I was working late the other night at DISH, so I wasn’t able to see the show live on TV. I pulled it up on DISH Online yesterday morning though, so it was nice having it available that soon. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Jeremy Renner in his new movies this and next year.

  4. david mclaughlin says:

    They should’ve used that last one about Thanksgiving, it would have killed

  5. Brian Walton says:

    That movie made me want to buy a used postal jeep when I was a kid.

  6. Nick says:

    I was hoping someone would make a reference to the comedy he made early in his career, Senior Trip, during the opening monologue when he was saying he wasn’t known for comedy. It would have been funny to have a die hard fan of that movie interrupt him with questions about it or whatever.