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SNL Recap: Jennifer Lawrence

SNL Recap: Jennifer Lawrence

First time Saturday Night Live host and Golden Globe winner Jennifer Lawrence did not disappoint last night. Just as charming and hilarious as we all had hoped, Lawrence killed it on the show with sketches on everything from Civil War love letters and classic erotic films to the Hobbit being split into more sequels than really necessary and a monologue in which Jennifer sizes up her Oscar competition. The absolute must-watch sketch of the episode is “Top Dog Chef.” It is up there with Eddie Murphy’s “Gumby” for unexpected costumed hilarity. In case you didn’t see the episode, here’s what you missed:

Jennifer’s Opening Monologue

“Top Dog Chef”

“Hunger Games Press Conference”

“More Hobbit”

“Love Letters”


“B-108 Morning Show”

“Piers Morgan Cold Open: Lance Armstrong”

“Starbucks Verismo”

“Girlfriends Talk Show”

“50’s Diner”

The Lumineers

“Ho Hey”

“Stubborn Love”

Weekend Update

Top Stories

“Anthony Crispino: Second Hand News”

And because I love you, here are all the bumper photos from the ep as well.

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  1. connie says:

    I totally agree that Lawrence was absolutely fabulous in her first ever SNL appearance! I’m glad you posted all the highlights from the show, especially because I found myself dozing off during a few of them. I never thought I’d be the type to fall asleep early on a Saturday, but I just haven’t gotten used to waking up early for my new morning work schedule at DISH. This new routine has definitely made my DISH Hopper Whole-Home DVR come in handy, since I can pause a show I was watching in the living room and pick it back up again in my bedroom when I start feeling drowsy. There’s nothing worse than waking up hunched over on the couch, so I’m glad I can avoid that!

  2. Nate says:

    Bill Hader isn’t funny??!!??

    Anyway, this episode seemed flat. The writing just wasn’t there this week which is too bad because JL can be pretty funny.

  3. Ben Z says:

    50’s Diner cracked me up and Seth was nailing Weekend Update.

  4. Scoff M. says:

    @NeuroMan42 I like your attitude, sir. Everyone should be more like you!

  5. NeuroMan42 says:

    Poor SNL stopped being funny and relevant many many years ago, but the stars still think it is a worthwhile thing to bother with.