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SNL Recap: Edward Norton Finally Hosts Saturday Night Live

SNL Recap: Edward Norton Finally Hosts Saturday Night Live

Another weekend, another new episode of Saturday Night Live. This week the incomparable Edward Norton finally graces the stage of Studio 8H to host SNL with musical guest Janelle Monae. Will the actors reputation for being a perfectionist serve him well with the “Not Ready For Prime Time Players”? He most certainly did. High points include the Wes Anderson themed trailer “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders”, “Halloween Candy” and “12 Years Not a Slave”. With a little help from expert host Alec Baldwin and a few surprises from “Her Royal Twerkness” Miley Cyrus, Edward Norton and the cast delivered one of the best episodes of Saturday Night Live so far this year that has some sketches with the potential to last as perrenial Halloween favorites. Check out all of the sketches here and comment below with your favorite.

Obamacare Website Cold Open

Ed Norton’s Opening Monologue (featuring Alec Baldwin)

Autumn’s Eve

School Visit

Halloween on the Steve Harvey Show

New Horror Trailer

Critter Control

Drug Deal


12 Days Not a Slave

Halloween Candy

JANELLE MONAE “Dance Apocalyptic”

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  1. Luanne says:

    I’m gonna go look for a van so I can GET THAT CANDY!!!!

  2. Mr. Michaels knew what he was doing when he hired Kate. She always seems to be the funniest person in every sketch she’s in, and, though she’s by no means Kristen Wiig, she seems to be filling the void she left rather well.

    Also, 1860s Miley Cyrus was magical.

  3. Jean says:

    I was surprised – thought he’d be stiff. Also, I’m warming up quite a bit to the new people. Hey, c’mon! Give us more of a written update! What did you think?