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SNL Recap: Anne Hathaway

SNL Recap: Anne Hathaway

For your funny bone’s sake we hope you elected to tune in to Mandroid last night on Comedy Central. We know that if you did you chose to watch it over Saturday Night Live with host Anne Hathaway and musical guest Rihanna. Here’s the best of what you missed on SNL Saturday night featuring The Dark Knight and Les Miserables‘ Anne Hathaway.


Girlfriends Talk Show


American Gothic

McDonald’s Firing

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  1. Patty Marvel says:

    @Trouble T-Roy – Here’s the Comedy Central schedule and Mandroid must be in there somewhere:

    FYI, I strongly recommend you watch “Gabriel Iglesias’ Stand-Up Revolution” as well. Fluffy always brings it!

  2. Trouble T-Roy says:

    Yo Chris,

    Bummersville, i missed ur special as I was busy last weekend and blanked it. I know I heard you mention it 3000 times on the Nerdist podcast but still missed it.

    Where can I watch the special? Don’t have Hulu and can’t seem to find Mandroid On Demand. Any links would b appreciated.

    Let a brotha know if ya can help me retroactively watch ur special. Big fan. Keep livin the dream. From a Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Rasta, Sci-fi, Comedy, Comic Book, Kung Fu and Anime Nerd. I’m a hybrid of something. F*ck the labels I’m just me. The def of cool, mos def. HAHA. Stay Frosty and keep killin it

  3. Ian says:

    I like the idea of Nerdist recapping SNL, but I think these need a little more analysis and commentary in addition to just posting videos of the sketches.

    Did you like each sketch? Was the host good? How were the musical performances?

  4. Dave says:

    What? No love for the Les Mis opener? That was excellent!

  5. Patty Marvel says:

    Thanks for posting these as my DVR chose Saturday night to have a conniption fit.