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Sneaky Zebra Shows Us THE WONG WAY

Sneaky Zebra Shows Us THE WONG WAY

Once in awhile, two British lads with automatic weapons just aren’t enough; sometimes you have to go Wong. In this latest video from Sneaky Zebra, Nick and Gary are in the middle of heavy gunfire and don’t seem to be able to handle it on their own. Nope, they’ve got to call in the reinforcements… reinforcements in the form of Freddie Wong, who makes quick work of the armed mercenaries. That guy is amazing.

Sneaky Zebra shot the video in the office space shared by Nerdist Industries and Rocket Jump. We’re still cleaning up all the dead bodies*. I swear, that’s the last time we let those English ruffians use our work space to have a big gunfight.

*No one was actually harmed… it’s a funny video, duh.


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