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Sneaky Zebra at MCM Expo

Sneaky Zebra at MCM Expo

Our good friends over at Sneaky Zebra are at it again, and this time they’ve trained their magically poetic “fly” cameras on the MCM Expo: London Comic Con (Winter 2013).

Marvel as the Zebra folks take you on a whirlwind tour of all the awesomeness that is MCM Expo, especially the cosplay! They’ve captured everyone from Zatanna to the Khaleesi, from Tony Stark to Judge Dredd, and don’t forget about your pal Martian Man-Mom (just check out the video). In a world where cosplayers are rockstars, Sneaky Zebra provides a killer music video to showcase said cosplayers rockin’.

If we’ve learned anything from this and other Sneaky Zebra videos, it’s that cosplayers are truly inheriting the geeky earth, and that they look damn good doing it. Also, British people are fun.

Check out more Sneaky Zebra brand coolness at their YouTube Page, and keep your eyes peeled for a fly camera or two at your next convention. You never know; you may be snuck up on by a zebra or two.



  1. Todd Haney says:

    As always–Super. Frelling. KEWL!!!!