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Snazzy Group Photo!


As requested, here is the photo that you can hear being taken (I forgot to cut that part out) on the latest Nerdist Podcast with Rainn Wilson, Bryan Cranston and Seattle crimefighter Phoenix Jones. He had to show me how to hold the shield properly so as not to break off my tiny, bird-like wrists.

Hear a-ha's Gorgeous Acoustic Version of

Hear a-ha's Gorgeous Acoustic Version of "Take On Me"

Could Kylo Ren Really Be Rey's Brother?

Could Kylo Ren Really Be Rey's Brother?

The Best Reaction to THE LAST JEDI Trailer Came from Kylo Ren

The Best Reaction to THE LAST JEDI Trailer Came from Kylo Ren



  1. M&M (Msquared) looks just like I expected him to look, Jonah Ray looks nothing like I expected him to look, and that Phoenix Jones costume looks far, far better than I thought it would look.

    Nice Marvel eyes on Mr. Hard, great Fist of Doom from Rainn Wilson and Mr. Cranston is doing a great impersonation of an Average Joe.

    Great shot!

  2. David says:

    X-men: The Lost Cause…?

  3. Celt0123 says:

    How does it feel to be taller than a superhero?

  4. Alicia says:

    Jonah is giving me fierceness in this photo. Werk!

  5. Gabriel says:

    I too would like to hear an episode with Phoniex Jones. He sounds like an interesting person. Perhaps a guest who could return from time to time.

  6. kenrick says:

    that was awesome chris, so glad you had Bryan on and that the interview really was done from a fan perspective. Enjoyed it all, glad you didn’t cut out the pic moment.

  7. TinyNinjas says:

    Please tell me this means you took up his invitation to go crime fighting.

  8. TinyNinjas says:

    Please tell me this means you took his invitation to go crime fighting up.

  9. Deanna says:

    Great Picture! Matt, you look fantastic!

  10. Sarah says:

    Awesome photo. I just love Jonah’s expression. I am going to miss the random drop-ins and Nick when you move to the new studio.

  11. Claude Gaudette says:

    P.S. Really enjoyed the episode, hope to make the time to start watching Breaking Bad from the beginning soon.

  12. Claude Gaudette says:

    Superheroes in the fictional worlds of comics, tv, movies and games are awesome. But frankly, the idea of people, without appointed or elected legal authority of any kind, in masks and rubber suits, carrying (admittedly, mainly non lethal) weapons and taking it upon themselves to “fight crime” in such a showy manner is disconcerting in real life. From his statements on the podcast it sounds like Phoenix Jones heart could be in the right place. But based on what he said he is damn lucky that that heart doesn’t have a bullet in it right now. Being, in his words, “a trained fighter” is not really sufficient qualification to act as self appointed law enforcement. Rather than walking around looking for crime to fight, I think the Phoenix Jones persona would be better used as a tool to encourage people (especially kids) to support things like Neighborhood Watch and other community based crime prevention initiatives rather than as the leader of a bunch of self styled “superheroes”. I’d really like to hear some thoughts on this from my fellow nerds. Don’t take this as a condemnation if your initial response to Phoenix was more positive than mine. I just want to see what other people think about some of these issues.

  13. Jason G says:

    Great episode. Bryan Cranston (and his Dick Grape line of products) – awesome. Rainn Wilson is cool and nice.

    @Lori-Anne- Made me spit-take. Blue Steel!! lol

    Keep up the great work, guys!!


  14. Billy T. says:

    Great pic! The look on Jonah Ray’s face is priceless: “Is that sweaty superhero I’m smelling or, is that just my vajonah?”

  15. Ross says:

    X-Men: The Special C Class; or, Avengers–Mill About!
    Fun picture, guys.

  16. What does it say about me that I instantly recognized Phoenix and knew his full name? I can’t remember my neighbor’s name and she is totally hot but a costumed Seattle crime fighter = total recall.

  17. Johnny says:

    Who’s the handsome skinny guy on the left? Surely that is not the golf cart guy.

  18. Zak R. says:

    Oh yeah, and put another tally mark under the number of people who think that Matt is looking great! He’s almost inspired me to get off my duff and do some weight-loss. I said *almost*.

  19. Zak R. says:

    Those are some pretty nice windows, with a great view of people coming and going. I think you’ll really miss those when you move to the new recording location (not to mention your usually silent fourth partner), but at least you’ll have nice equipment (no CDs) that you can count on and which won’t get stolen.

  20. Kan says:

    Who actually took the picture?!

  21. Brian E. says:

    I love Vajonah in this. “Yeah I’m in a picture. Whatevs.”

  22. JC says:

    It’s like a who’s who of super epic awesomeness (and Jonah Ray).

  23. Sam E. says:

    I just realized from this picture that you guys record at the studio Feedback also uses, the G4 correlation probably should’ve made me realize that sooner.

  24. David W. says:

    Mirabooie looks like he just got done shopping at a Johnston Murphy while the rest of you, save Phoenix, are wearing the day-to-days.

  25. Matt H. says:

    Mirabooey looks better in every single photo. Keep it up!

  26. Erin says:

    I love this podcast so much. I loved the laugh attack half way through the Vajonah episode. I love the quemment song.
    You guys have to get Phoenix on!

  27. mary says:

    That Phoenix Jones guy looks badass. I <3 Rainn Wilson. Big C, are you really going to go fight crime? Matt you look fantastic (rawr). Jonah, you're also there.

  28. Daniel says:

    Bryan Cranston has hair?

  29. Three Toes of Fury says:

    – The Usual Nerdspects
    – The Fantastic Fourskins
    – “Warrrioorrrs…come out to playyyyyy”
    – Breaking Badminton Club Tryouts
    – Super II: Electric Nerdist Boogaloo
    – Phoenix Jones: The Curse of the Shrinking Mira

    – Hobbit Hardwick and his band of thieves as they head off to face the evil dragon Smaug.

    Thanks Chris for sharin!!!

    Peace .n. Dickgrapes 4 All


  30. Jodi says:

    Matt- you are looking so good!

  31. Cathy says:

    Matt, lookin’ good!

  32. Patti Brown says:

    Sweet photo! I really am behind on podcasts, but I will listen to this one real soon!

  33. Senior says:

    Bryan Cranston is my favorite part of this picture.

  34. Brian says:

    Is this why I saw Rainn Wilson eating lunch at Baja Fresh with a guy in a superhero costume? AND NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE OR NOTICE. It was bizarre. Admittedly, I walked right past on my way to lunch before my coworker pointed it out.

  35. Vinnie R says:

    A Photo of Badasses and Rainn Wilson! Chris you have to take Phoenix Jones up on his offer!

  36. Brian S says:

    Too much awesome for one picture…can’t…handle…

  37. Jim says:

    It took me a second to realize that Jonah was the guy on the far right, because I did not picture Jonah looking like that in my head at all

  38. Adam says:

    I smell a sitcom!

  39. Luanne says:

    Where are the dick grapes?!?

  40. Kiel says:

    Lookin good, Matt. Keep it up, Mira Booey!

  41. Dora says:


  42. Phil says:

    Epic !

  43. (not that) Chris says:

    Nice Photo. How much weight has Matt lost?

  44. Lori-Anne says:

    Chris…are you giving us Blue Steel in that photo?

  45. youse guyses really need to record a podcastses with that Phoenix Joneses.

  46. Kari2171 says:

    Did you go out crimefighting in seattle?

  47. Thomaster says:

    Avengers: Assemble

  48. Laura says:

    Who’s the skinny guy in yellow on the left?

  49. Rene says:

    X-Men: the Lost Class