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Snazzy Group Photo!


As requested, here is the photo that you can hear being taken (I forgot to cut that part out) on the latest Nerdist Podcast with Rainn Wilson, Bryan Cranston and Seattle crimefighter Phoenix Jones. He had to show me how to hold the shield properly so as not to break off my tiny, bird-like wrists.


  1. Laura says:

    Chris-I actually love hearing how often you say you’ll cut things out and don’t do it. It makes me laugh every time.
    Matt- You look amazing! Thanks for being so inspirational to those of us trying to loose weight. I understand the cloves thing. I smoke them when I’m stressed beyond normal. Thankfully, it’s only about a pack a month. Just takes time and motivation.
    Jonah- I loved the comedy central pilot! Hilarious and awesome!

    I can’t wait to see the pilot on the 24th!

  2. akredhead says:

    Damn, Matt is looking great! Now he just needs to stop trying to kill himself with cloves and psuedo-crack.

  3. smartbunny says:

    How do youse guyses not know what Monah looks like? I go out and find pix of everyone I listen to on podcasts.

    That superhero costume is NO joke.

    I <3 Rainn. (Fishboy! Arthur! Dwight! Crimson Bolt!)

  4. Veronika says:

    Matt looks GREAT!