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SMASH BROS. GameCube Controllers on the Way for the Wii U

SMASH BROS. GameCube Controllers on the Way for the Wii U

For those of you out there who love playing Smash Bros. but need the tactile “clickiness” of an actual controller, you’re in luck: third-party accessory maker PDP is coming to the rescue with GameCube-inspired controllers for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros., which is out this winter (alongside a 3DS port).

According to the press release, the Wired Fight Pad will retail for $24.99 and offer Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro support. Each controller will include decals featuring Nintendo’s mascots (sorry cross-franchise guest stars like Mega Man or Snake).

One slight downside: since there are only a couple of ports on the Wii U proper, the Wired Fight Pad will have to plug into a Wii Remote. Meaning for an authentic, four-player melee, you’re going to need four powered-up Wii Remotes to go along with your four Wired Fight Pads.

Hopefully, PDP will develop a USB multi-tap as a workaround in the future for those of us rocking two (or less) Wii Remotes.

Source: Joystiq


  1. John says:

    The 3DS version isn’t a port.

  2. Me says:

    Wouldn’t that be what the “Pro Controller” is for..? They already have an actual controller.

  3. JJJ4 says:

    I guarantee you, as these controllers will have decals bearing the likenesses of licensed Nintendo characters, having them work individually with a Wii-mote was mandated by NOA. Any kind of a more user-friendly USB adapter is gonna have to come from a 3rd-party peripheral maker without ties to NOA.