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Sling Along With Baba Booey

Gary Dell’abate is back with another edition of the Nerdist Channel’s They Call Me Baba Booey, and he’s talking about one of my most indispensable gadgets: the Slingbox. It’s how I watch the Eagles fail in the red zone time and again on my iPad while working on my laptop. Besides the Slingbox (and I REALLY want the new HD one with Wi-Fi), Gary has thoughts on ITV’s Law and Order: UK and some of his favorite music DVDs.

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  1. Shayde says:

    CCTV = Closed Circuit TV

    Plus, “no names” in L&O UK? Jamie Bamber = Apollo in BSG, Plus a former Doctor Who, Peter Davison and a former companion in Angema Freeman.

    Otherwise.. great job Gary!