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Slasher Showdown: Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees

Today is Halloween, and I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite slasher movie franchise, Halloween, as evidenced by the quite-long history of Halloween I wrote the other week. Despite a couple shitty entries, the original seven forays of Michael Myers and his love of murder are incredibly enjoyable. That franchise also, inevitably, reminds me of the various knockoffs that came up as a result of John Carpenter’s original, namely my least favorite slasher series, Friday the 13th. Jason Voorhees gets all the fame and acclaim and Michael Myers gets shat on. Why? Because Jason’s been in more movies? Phooey and pshaw! I’m clearly biased, but I am willing to see the error of my ways. To that end, I’ve decided to pit these two horror heavies against each other in several categories and come to a logical “Who’s Better?” solution. It’ll be a hell of a lot more scientific than Freddy vs. Jason.



Michael Myers was, apparently, a normal kid when he snapped one Halloween and stabbed the shit out of his older sister. He spent the next 15 years of his life in a mental institution where his psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis, tried to rehabilitate him and, failing to do so, spent the rest of his time there attempting to keep Michael locked up because he’s pure evil. Michael is royally fucked up. He has the blackest eyes, the devil’s eyes – How can that not be the best thing ever?


Jason Voorhees was a mentally-challenged camper who drowned when counselors were busy getting busy. His mom held a grudge for a really long while and began killing a new regime of counselors, including Kevin Bacon. Then, the girl who survived the first movie has a dream about Jason coming out of Crystal Lake, which apparently means he’s still alive, and then he begins killing people. That’s a pretty weird way to start your reign of terror – being dead and then brought back to life via the producers’ desire to make a sequel.

Advantage – Myers


Round Two – MASK


When he was a kid, Michael Myers wore a clown mask, which is terrifying enough on its own. As an adult, after escaping the mental hospital, Myers collects what is actually a William Shatner Star Trek mask painted white with the hair teased. It gives the killer as blank an expression as the coldness of his heart. It’s a way for Myers to distance himself mentally from the murders he’s committing. He’s not deformed facially, but he seems to be totally appalled by his real visage. Every time he escapes, he finds some other, similar-looking white mask with hair on it. Luckily, by time Halloween 4 was made, all he had to do was buy a Michael Myers mask.


Jason has a horribly disfigured face that is apparently caused by birth defects. When he comes back from the dead the first time, he has a monstrous zombie face. In his first full appearance in Friday the 13th Part 2, he wears a pillow case with a hole cut in it to cover his ugly head. A PILLOW CASE. It wasn’t until the last third of part 3 that he dons his trademark hockey mask, here only because one of his victims was wearing it. Every time he reappears, he has a different old-timey hockey mask. It’s undoubtedly iconic, but serves no character purpose other than to hide his progressively grotty face.

Advantage – Myers


Round Three – WEAPON


Myers goes old school. Though he’s killed people in a number of ways (including impalement, electrocution, and eye-gouging), his go-to implement of murder is a really sharp kitchen knife.


Voorhees has killed people in a smorgasbord of brutal ways (including picking people up and throwing them into trees), but his standby is a big, honking machete, which he swings with impunity.

Advantage – Voorhees


Round Four – MENACE


Michael Myers has an amazing ability to cling to the shadows (who is he, Bane?) and come out of nowhere when victims least expect. He’s also a huge creeper, spending a great deal of time stalking his prey and lurking around corners. For being a pretty tall man, he sure can hide well. Myers has a sense of mischief about him, like he gets a weird enjoyment out of scaring people before murdering them. The image of Myers standing at the end of a long corridor is enough to induce pants-pissing in even the toughest among us.


Jason Voorhees is the very definition of “hulking;” he can do little else besides lumber around the woods (or Manhattan, or a spaceship) and look terrifying. What he lacks in stealth, he makes up for in directness. If Jason wants to kill you, he walks in a straight line at you until you’re dead. There’s no sense of fun about him; he just kills you and moves on. In the remake, which I’m not counting, really, they tried to make him more of a mountain survival person, but in the original slate of films, he’s just a big fucker who kills.

Advantage – Push


Round Five – MURDERS


In the course of his seven screen appearances prior to the two reboot films (Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween: Water, and Halloween: Resurrection), Michael Myers racked up about 71 murders (not counting dogs). That’s a lot of damn people, it must be said, especially considering he only killed 5 in the original film. His murders, for the most part, have a panache to them, and he seems genuinely intrigued by the aftermath, like he’s a psychopathic alien making notes about Earth’s dead people.


Jason Voorhees has been in nine films, minus the remake (Friday the 13th part 2, Friday the 13th part III, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Friday the 13th part VI: Jason Lives, Friday the 13th part VII: The New Blood, Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Jason X, and Freddy vs. Jason), and has killed 140 people, which, if you’re doing the math, is about double the amount that Michael Myers has in only two more films. One of the hallmarks of the Friday series is the insane body count and the brutality with which people are dispatched. Jason is, basically, a walking death machine. He also killed Freddy Krueger.

Advantage – Voorhees




Michael Myers has been shot, blown up, electrocuted, set on fire, and punched really hard, and he’s still ticking. He’s apparently able to withstand complete immolation in the second movie, only to have a few scars in the fourth. Even when we see what looks like his end in Halloween: Water, it’s later revealed to have been a trick on his part. The most that happens is that he’ll be in a coma for a long period of time, but he always seems to know when October 31st rolls around again. He can take a licking and keep on ticking.


Jason Voorhees has actually for-realsies died three times: once before the first film, once in The Final Chapter (above) and once again in The Final Friday. He can’t not get killed, it seems. The reasons for his resurrections are increasingly silly as the series goes on and even his veritable undead status doesn’t stop him from being impossible to kill… until the end of the movie. The implication, however, is that he’s so evil, he can’t stay dead for long.

Advantage – Push


Round Seven – THEME MUSIC

While Harry Manfredini’s “ch-ch-ch Ah-Ah-Ah” stings and the jacked Psycho-esque strings are quite effective, the repetitive and catchy score from John Carpenter is by far the more haunting and durable, since it’s been used in every one of the movies, virtually unchanged.

Advantage – Myers



So, they’re fairly evenly-matched, but I’ve decided I’m still going to award the crown to Michael Myers for the simple fact that the Halloween series as a whole is better than the Friday the 13th series as a whole. The original Halloween is a masterpiece that holds up even to this day, and at least two of the sequels can be considered pretty good by horror sequel standards. The Friday the 13th series has one truly good entry (The Final Chapter) and nothing much else going for it besides the over-the-topness of the murders, and while that’s pretty entertaining, it doesn’t have the lasting effect that the Halloween movies do.

So what did this prove? Nothing. It’s Halloween; go watch Halloween.


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  1. bob says:

    If we are talking Zombie Jason he wins because he can’t die. Myers has always been, be it a durable, human. 

  2. Nemya says:

    A whole year + and this post is still great.  Halloween: Water… LMBO!

  3. Mike says:

    Jason is not afraid of the water. He goes in the water all the time in the movies. They just added that bs to Freddy vs Jason so Jason would have a weakness.

  4. Mike says:

    People keep saying that Myers has never died but he was killed off by the writers in part 2. He was shot in both eyes by Laurie”Anne Oakley” Strode and burnt to a crisp in an explosion. The only reason they even brought him back was due to Halloween 3 not doing well. So i’d hafta say he has died and was resurrected by the writers/producers if anything. 

  5. Mike says:

    I don’t think the kills from ‘New Beginning’ should count on Jason’s total. That wasn’t even Jason, it was a copycat killer.

  6. Mike says:

    Jason can frickin teleport  (part 8). It’s difficult to decide but i’m leaning towards the giant teleporting zombie with a machete. They both show intelligence by cutting power and disabling vehicles. I think Jason even set some traps for his victims because ya can’t be everywhere at once (unless you can teleport). They both have superhuman strength but i think zombie jason wins in that category. He has smashed peoples heads with his bare hands a couple of times and he pretty much walked through the front of a cabin in Final chapter And i’ve never seen Myers punch a guy’s head off his shoulders. It doesn’t seem very important to me if Jason has been killed a few times because he just comes right back, So they can both be temporarily put down or killed but they both return anyway. in either case it’s only temporary. Jason has taken up close shotgun blasts and just kept on coming but Myers does go down from a gunshot wound. I’d say that Jason has a higher healing factor than Myers. I love them both lol so its difficult but I believe Jason would win. But Myers is the hide and seek champion of Illinois so who knows. Jason wins the fight but i have to agree that the Halloween franchise was a little better imo.

  7. chris says:

    Totally agree, myers is the true halloween icon, sure jason may have more movies which makes him more popular seeing the comments below kind of prove that but just think who would you rather want standing across from you, a guy in a hockey mask which isnt scary or a plain horrifying white mask with no expression on it and the black eyes.

    • Tobenspiritguide says:

      The huge slam on Myers is in the curse of myers (part 6) he was stopped with magic rocks. That was in the directors cut , paul rudd just walked right past him lol

  8. Claton says:

    You obviously favor Myers dude

  9. "They're coming to get you, Barbara..." says:

    I’m sorry but i highly disagree about the mask win. Imo jason wins that category.

  10. mart says:

    I am an actual fan that enjoys both equally and I could see that you were pulling for Michael all the way. Even if it meant pulling out of your ass. What a totally biased crock of sh*t against Jason. In reality, having a COMPLETELY fair fight using the categories that were mentioned in the article; Jason WINS 4-to-1 (2 categories were EVEN DRAW).

  11. evan says:

    Jason has more health than Michael myers so Jason would win but Michael myers is still very strong

  12. Marty Arargo says:

    Michael wins

  13. DeathBlade2 says:

    yeah right, screw that Jason racked up 140 kills :l and it might be about 141 if they fought…

  14. Jason Myers says:

    Also, these comparisons seem to be a little weird.. I mean they are judging the two baddest dudes in Horror villain history based on their theme music? Don’t blame Jason blame his producers!

  15. Jason Myers says:

    Ok I do agree that Michael has never died, more terrifying than Jason, and has a way better story, let’s not forget that Jason has killed not only more people in much better ways than Michael, but has also killed FREDDY FREAKING KRUEGER & LEATHERFACE( Goin’ South Comics). While Myers has been knifing civilians( which every slasher does) Jason has killed 2 major rival horror movie villains. Don’t get me wrong, Myers is one BAD- ASS dude, It’s just that Jason doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves.

  16. Jason says:

    Really? , Jason is more of a stylish killer. Michael is a pussy compared to the true death bringer. But yes I would very much love to see them get it on…. Jason victories!

  17. Kaila says:

    Michael Myers won. He is faster,scarier,and the theme song is more scarier

  18. Jason says:

    No I’m not hohohohohohohohohho im santa just kidding im a killer

  19. Jason says:

    IM FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I think michael and jason it needs to be me (aka) Freddy Kruger vs jason vs michael but. I choose jason becuse in our movie he deference me sorta but im still alive

  21. Joshua says:

    I dont care how long michael has been killing i say let them make a movie and lets se who wins bit in advantage jason would win becuse he has been: blown up,drowended,shot, hung etc jason snaped when his mother was killed and his mother snaped when he was killed and also jason is known for appearing in front of u when u look back so… I have to say jason.But michael is a phico but in a fist fight jason would win jason has tooken peps heads off by punching ther faces

  22. wesswood says:

    What creates Michael is more terrifying than Jason. Michael is bewitched by pagan witch craft as revealed in the curse of Michael Myers. He was chosen by a pagan ritualistic constellation thing…so when it’s time to kill he is in a sense controlled by pure evil. Jason is a deformed serial killer turned zombie. No Michael Myers movie was utterly ridiculous unlike Jason X or the other ones where he is brought to life by a thunderbolt…smh WTH…michael has never been killed…jason has…michael is strong too. In h20 he lowered himself from the ceilings verly slowly with one hand…thats strong…he picked up a guy in resurrection by his head and killed him by squeezing in his head. Smh wow

  23. finlandhorrorFan94 says:

    I’m in the same line with you pierre.

    Michael Myers is immortal than Jason, who had died several times, and whu this, watch the whole Halloween series, he never died, and never will.

    Jason is very strong, and his durability is insane, but when compared to Michael Myers, Michael wins this round..

    Jason takes more damage, when somebody attacks him where Michael get only a scar..

    Jason can throw people in the air, so as Michael.
    Michael can pull people with one hand to the air, and crush their head and skull, Jason can’t..

    It was always said, that Jason has greater weapon selection..

    He uses machete, hammers, chainsaw, axe, harpoon, and others..

    Michael uses kitchen knife, hammer, axe, shotgun but doesn’t shoot with it, grim, corkcsrew, skate, pipes of the walls, and stingers..

    So when compared, they both have great selection of weapons.

    Intelligence is completely nuts with Jason, he doesn’t think, and that is the time, when gets killed.
    Michael Myers uses his brains, and intelligence all the time setts traps, and tries to scare people first, and then killing them brutally.

    Halloween vs. Friday The 13th – which of these horror movie series is overally scarier and better?

    Halloween wins easily.. i have both complete series’ s, and i gotta say Halloween is clearly winner..
    Friday The 13th is only just about killing, killing and killing!!!
    That is not scary anymore!
    But Halloween has something much more..
    It has legendary and the scariest horror theme song of all time, and the tension in the movie is somerhing that i like…
    The killing is the key thing in near end to the movie, so it has other stuff in the beginning..
    Halloween is much more scarier, and Michael Myers is much more scarier than Jason.

    So overally Michael Myers and Halloween wins 😉

  24. Pierre cliche says:

    Somebody needs to talk to the higher ups to make this fight happen. It would have been better than Freddy and Jason . But Michael is much more deadly than Jason . 1. His way of killing is so stealth . 2. He is pure Evil and the evil of Thorn will not let him die. 3. He has never died. WHEN JASON WAS DROWNING AS A KID MICHAEL WAS KILLING. People seem to think Jason is stronger. Let us not forget Michael has DEADLIFT CARS. One arm lifts of people , crush skulls ripped steel gates off . JASON IS VERY DURABLE BUT CAN DIE. HE DIES ALMOST EVERY MOVIE THEN COMES BACK. MICHAEL MYERS DOESN’T DIE. PURE UNCORRUPTED EVIL. MICHAEL MYERS KILLS JASON VOIRHEES

    • Robert says:

      Michael Myers definitely wins, all he needs to do is take the fight to the water.  Michael Myers just cannot be killed.