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Slash Talks Making Horror Movies

He’s been a rock & roll god for the better part of three decades, but it turns out Slash is just a big ol’ geek. In honor of YouTube’s Geek Week, he sat down with Carrie Keagan at Nerd HQ during Comic-Con to talk about his new job: producing horror movies. The movie in question is entitled Nothing Left to Fear, the story of a young pastor who comes to the small town of Stull, KS, with his family only to find that the town sits on one of the seven gateways to hell. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Slash also does the music in the film, which co-stars Anne Heche, James Tupper, and Clancy Brown.

The film is based on the real legend of Stull, which has a cemetery which has been the subject of many occult happenings throughout history. It even served as the location of the Apocalypse in season five of Supernatural, so nobody’s messing around here. Does this kind of thing scare Slash, though? Nah, he’s more concerned with whirring drills.

Slash also let us in on his Top 10 horror films of all time. Quite an eclectic list, but all excellent choices. We’d expect nothing less from He Who Shreds Mightily.

Nothing Left to Fear comes to select theaters on October 4th, then gets VOD and digital releases thereafter.