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SKYRIM: INTO THE VOID Brings the Game to Life

SKYRIM: INTO THE VOID Brings the Game to Life

If you’re like me, you have spent more time in Skyrim in the past year or so than you have in the real world (and honestly, what does “real” matter when you don’t have dragons and jarls and formerly celebrated soldiers who sustained injuries to the lower leg area?). By now, you’ve played all the DLC, learned all your shouts, and have hoarded your body weight in cabbage, and you’re probably wondering, “What else can the wonderful world of Skyrim offer up?” Answer: a whole lot. Enter Skyrim: Into the Void, a 19 minute long fan film set in the world we all know and love, and starring everyone’s favorite Dragonborn Draugr slayer, the Dovahkiin.

Here’s the official synopsis of the short film:

Dovahkiin has completed the task of eliminating Alduin and saving the world from destruction, only to have contracted vampirism along his journey. Most of Skyrim remains oblivious to this feat and shun him from their towns because he has become a vampire, leaving Dovahkiin to wander the wilds. The head of the Dark Brotherhood, Astrid, captures Dovahkiin and brings him to a remote cabin in the marshes, believing she can use him.  Promising a cure for his vampirism, Astrid convinces Dovahkiin to assist the Brotherhood on a mission to rescue a captured member of the Brotherhood.  This forced partnership brings them face-to-face with the Necromancers and a battle for their survival ensues. 

So get your armor ready, stock up on some mead from The Bannered Mare, and get ready to experience the world of Skyrim in a way you never have before.

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  1. Ryan Nixon says:

    Ohhhhh man, that was sooo goood. I was so immersed in it i didnt realize it was so short. Awesome film though!!! Plz make more!