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Skyrim at the Movies: THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

It’s time for another edition of Skyrim at the Movies, brought to you by the good folks at Tyrannicon, the animators of the Nerdist Channel’s COPS: Skyrim. This time, The Avengers are brought to Skyrim to battle Ultron and his army of Shadow Guardians, lots and lots of Shadow Guardians. The whole gang is there, profanely and gleefully representing. Why wait a couple of years for the big screen version when you can watch the Skyrim version instead? Okay, this one doesn’t have Robert Downey Jr., or James Spader as Ultron, but it has its charms. And Chris Hardwick as Captain Skyrim, and Jessica Chobot as Black Widow (who gets told to “just stand there and look pretty”). Also, Spider-Man as official photographer.

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  1. nowhere_man414 says:

    Incredibly attractive as Scarlett Johanson might be, having Black Widow just “sit there and look pretty?” How sexist can you get? Boooooooo.