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“Skyfall” Comes to Blu-ray and You Could Win a Copy!

Skyfall Featured

Last year, the James Bond film franchise celebrated its 50th anniversary by offering arguably the most accomplished film of the lot, Skyfall. With it, director Sam Mendes deconstructed what it means to be a “Bond Film,” as it peels back the years and style of action until it’s literally just people defending a house. It’s pretty much the best. Daniel Craig (“The Sixth Bond,” if we’re talking Time Lord) is back jumping off of stuff and driving cool cars and shooting guns at terrorists, and if you’d like to relive the experience of watching it in the comfort of your own home, in snazzy Blu-ray HD, then enter our contest to win one of two copies, and then go to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for extra chances. Extra is good.

Skyfall has all the ingredients of what makes a great James Bond movie: big action sequences, exotic locales, hot ladies, the Aston Martin DB5, a terrific theme song, and a balls-out, whacked-yet-terrifying villain. Seriously, if there needs to be a psychopath with weird hair in a movie, Javier Bardem is the only name that should be on the list. Also, Skyfall is actually about Bond as a character, and the villain is a distorted mirror image of what Bond could have become if he’d taken a different path. Yeah, I may have spent way too long thinking about this movie, but so what? It bears analysis.

Fifty years of James Bond all summed up in one film, and you can watch it time and again, like I’ll no doubt be doing, if you pick up the Skyfall Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy. Or, you can enter our contest to win it. Like the newest gadget from Q Branch, we’re also giving you the contest equivalent of a laser watch or compressed-air gun: More chances to win! If you go to our Google+, Twitter or Facebook pages, you can pick those up. You only have until midnight on February 19th, 2013, to enter. Unlike Mr. Bond himself, this offer won’t live twice.

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  1. Admiral Kent says:

    Still liked Casino Royale better….

  2. Chad Holliongsworth says:

    Need…..not want….NEED!