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Six Times 007 Equals….

Bond Bond Bond Bond Bond Bond. James Bond Bond Bond Bond Bond Bond:

This is actually pretty awesome: Sky Movies put this promo together to publicize the October 5th debut of all of the James Bond movies in HD on one channel on demand with no commercial interruption for the first time on U.K. TV, and it’s a car chase involving, naturally, James Bond. And James Bond. And James Bond, James Bond, James Bond, and James Bond. Yes, six Bonds in six cars were edited together into one 007 chase-fest, the best moment being when Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan acknowledge each other with a smile and nod at about the :40 mark.

HT: Daily What


  1. I like it when people get together and share thoughts.
    Great blog, continue the good work!

  2. three toes of fury says:

    Awesome post Perry!!

    This video RULES. In a world before dvrs, dvds, vhs, and downloads,  one of my favorite childhood memories was being excited when a bond movie would be airing on tv in the near future…waiting and waiting and then finally (usually on a sunday night movie) watching it with my dad. Bond Rules.

    Fury…3 Toes of Fury.

  3. JetpackBlues says:

    The Aston Martin DB S in “Casino Royale” was dead sexy.

  4. Ah, perfect- updated with HD version. Thanks, @Aenerin!

  5. Anaerin says:

    Fortunately, there IS a HD version, here: