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Sir Paul McCartney Collaborates On Score for Bungie’s DESTINY

Sir Paul McCartney Collaborates On Score for Bungie’s DESTINY

As if to provide one last piece of evidence to naysayers that video games are indeed a legitimate art form, or maybe because he’s just an even cooler knight than Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, Sir Paul McCartney has written not only an original full orchestral score for Bungie’s upcoming video game Destiny, but the game’s theme tune as well, working in collaboration with Halo composer Martin O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori. The hotly anticipated Destiny is due out on September 9 from Bungie and Activision — and it sounds like you don’t have to be a Beatles fan to appreciate its epic music.

“I came up with this idea of music of the spheres,” O’Donnell told Edge Online. “I came up with eight pieces, a suite, it turned out to be fifty minutes long, we’re going to be releasing it before the game. And that’s the thing that I got Paul interested in working with us on.”

After working with the Rock Band game franchise, McCartney became interested in taking on the challenge of scoring a video game and convened with O’Donnell: “…So we had a great meeting and started collaborating. And for two years we traded music back-and-forth, met at several studios. We did this session at Abbey Road… it’s the fifty-minute suite that tells its own story that’s within the story of the Destiny universe.”

O’Donnell adds that he hopes the Destiny score will prove adaptable as the franchise grows. The as-yet-unamed title track will be released as a single — recorded with a 120-piece orchestra under the direction of Giles Martin and produced by Mark Stent — following the game’s debut.

Thanks to The New York Times for additional information on Sir Paul’s Destiny work.


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