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SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Clip: Dwight and the Damsel

SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR Clip: Dwight and the Damsel

In the latest Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Clip, Dwight (Josh Brolin) comes down hard (literally) on a Ray Liotta’s sleazy businessman character who’s in the act of silencing his mistress. It shows that sometimes in Sin City, the bad guys get theirs (although usually, they don’t).

Here we get to see Brolin’s character living the grimy life of a private eye, peeking through keyholes and catching cheating spouses in the act in this scene from the “A Dame to Kill For” segments of the Sin City sequel. Dwight’s not too happy with his life after the fallout of his relationship with femme fatale Eva (Eva Greene). If you guessed that Eva will come strolling back into Dwight’s life, you’re correct; if you guessed that Eva will be dragging trouble behind her, then you’re doubly correct.

Everything after that gets messy.

Some of you who saw the first Sin City might be wondering what the deal is with Josh Brolin replacing Clive Owen between films. There’s actually an in-story reason for it (hinted at in the first movie). Some of the timeline stuff in A Dame to Kill For might take a quick moment to track: while Nancy’s (Jessica Alba) story takes place some time after the events of “The Yellow Bastard” in the first movie, “The Big Fat Kill” – which featured Owen as Dwight – takes place after the sequel’s title story.

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller co-directed A Dame to Kill For, which includes adaptations of Miller’s stories “Nancy’s Last Dance,” “Just Another Saturday Night,” and “The Long Bad Night.” The film will be in theaters August 22 from The Weinstein Company.