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Simon Pegg Reveals an Early Outline for THE WORLD’S END

Simon Pegg Reveals an Early Outline for THE WORLD’S END

Even though The World’s End, the final installment of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost’s Cornetto Trilogy, was just released in August 2013, it’s been in development for at least two years. Yeah, making movies takes time. And here’s a peek at how it’s done:

outline of world's end_featured

Pegg shared a look at the early stages on Twitter with a picture of him and Wright standing next to a one-page outline of the entire alien invasion film in August 2011. The close-up of the notes, pictured above, goes through the film in three acts. Please note the use of “big bad” for the villain; That gets gold stars.

Besides the fact that it’s fun to compare the outline to what actually happened in the final cut of The World’s End, it’s a peek into how Wright and Pegg work and into movie-making. Do you spot any of your favorite moments from the film in the outline? Let us know in the comments. And while you’re at it, read our coverage of the movie, including Dan’s review, our interview with Simon, Nick, and Edgar, Brian’s talk with Edgar upon the DVD release, and Team World’s End taking on Team Nerdist on Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling. And hear Simon on the Nerdist Podcast’s 100th episode, too.

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  1. Dior says:

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  2. Mccrackelz says:

    Kangaroo Courts? The blanks putting Gary on trial? Love it.

    I guess that’s KIND of how it ended. But still, even their rough draft is compelling as hell.